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Tethered Swim Coaching

A new way to improve your swimming technique

swimplus can now offer 121 coaching and detailed video analysis of your technique from the comfort of an outdoor heated 2x4 metre above ground pool set in a secluded woodland garden. It is designed for all levels and ages of swimmer. From those looking to improve their speed and efficiency in the water, learning a new stroke, transitioning from one stroke to another or training for an event.


What is tethered swimming? Think of it like a running machine for swimming. Allowing you to swim in a fixed position in the pool that makes it much easier to analyse your stroke to improve your technique and efficiency. You are tethered from one end of the pool either around your waist or by your ankles depending upon your preference or the practice taking place.


A one hour session costs £50 and includes your post swim analysis and a top to toe checklist of things to practice in the pool or open water.

To find out more or book a session please email me at:

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Personal Coaching & Training Sessions

A coached session will last for one hour and analyse all aspects of your stroke. Breaking the stroke down to its component parts and building it back up again.
Individual training sessions can also be designed around your specific needs to help with improving your speed, stamina and swim fitness.

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Video analysis of coached sessions

Your swimming technique will be filmed from all angles both above and below the waterline. This will give you a complete 360 degree picture of how you swim that you may never have seen before. Allowing you to make any improvements to every aspect of your swimming style.

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Post swim analysis of your technique

You will be filmed at the beginning and end of your session.  Following your swim you will have the opportunity to view the videos to compare the improvements you have made.
Links to your videos will also be emailed to you along with a checklist of things to work on away from the session in the pool or open water.

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